Clients Offer Great Feedback

The Realtor Magazine online published an article about gaining feedback from clients. It was very informative.

A few topics were covered that were handy:

Danger of Unsatisfied Clients

One unhappy customer will cause much more grief for a business than a happy customer will. From the mag:
  • "10. The number of customers companies lose for every one that complains of poor service.
  • "7. It costs seven times more to get a new client than to keep an existing one.
  • "13. Percentage of people who will tell more than 20 people about their bad experience.
  • "90. Percentage of unhappy clients who will not do business with the same company again.
  • "95. Percentage of unhappy customers who will return if an issue is resolved quickly and efficiently."
3 Ways to Survey Clients

The "Sales Coach" also suggested multiple ways of surveying clients. He recommended using a web based solution or having out outsourced. What seems to work best?

What to Ask, How to Ask It?

What are some of the questions to be asked to find out what a client likes/dislikes?

Timing is Crucial

It seems the best time to survey a client is right after the close while everything is fresh in the client's mind. Agents can also resolve any outstanding issues the client may have.