Teachers Seek Best Options in Las Vegas Housing Market

Important as teachers are their pay seems not to match up with the standard of living in the Las Vegas Valley. Teachers have to get creative when finding financing that makes sense for them.

Married teachers often find both spouses in the work place. Single teachers will find roommates to split the costs to own a home. We worked with one teacher who just made it part of her plan to consistently share her home with a renting roommate. One young man actually made a profit on his home by renting out to 4 others. The house was large enough to cater to a larger group.

Some teachers will buy only what they need and find they can afford it. Some consider condos while others look for rehab projects as investments. Over a summer they will fix up the home and roll the equity into the next house they buy.

There are options out there. It just takes finding the right one. A Las Vegas Realtor® can help a lot to sort through the posibilities.