Las Vegas Real Estate Landscapers

A Las Vegas landscaper is the guy (or gal) who takes care of the repairs and maintenance on your property grounds. From lawn mowing to hedge trimming, from rock delivery to lighting you want the right licensed landscaper to do the work.

Find someone who is a licensed contractor or subcontractor. Make sure they are bonded and insured. Ask them their fees upfront and request a formal bid for the work to be done. Remember, they have a license so make sure they remain honest and do the work to a professional grade. A good landscaper will be busy but will be able to get to your needs in a timely manner.

Fees for a good Las Vegas landscaper will vary. You may pay anywhere from $10-60 per hour. Likely you will be looking at $15-30 per hour. It all depends on the demand for the landscaper's time, how soon you need the work done, and the type of job to be accomplished.
Your local real estate agent can refer a great Las Vegas landscaper to you.