Average Home Size to Shrink in Future

Home owners generally are shifting their preferences in housing styles according to a local news blog. The size of a home by squarefootage is at a peak and will likely decrease in the future. People want larger master bedrooms and less living room. Personally, I don't agree with that reason but the idea may grow on me. I see the master bedroom as a place for bedroom activities and a living room for company and other non-bedroom activities. I don't understand the mixing of the two living spaces. Anyway, personal preference...

The blog post claimed, "Although the size of the average home has been on the rise, to 2,495 last year from 1,500 square feet in 1973, consumers are beginning to choosse higher quality living spaces over additional square footage, according to Ahluwalia, who spoke at the recent International Builders Show in Orlando, Fla."

I can see where home affordability is strained by increasing fuel costs. Residents, whether owners or renters, feel those burdens and if trends remain on pace I can see the trend to downsize.

An aging population will also tend to downsize. They like less stairs and need fewer rooms usually.

The whole idea provokes thought for those of us who want a large house. Will it be as sellable in five years or a decade as it is today? Many people on the five year plan may factor that into the decision as they look to buy this up and coming house. The best appreciation of the future will be for houses where demand will remain consistent or increase. Personally, I am on the five year plan and will be looking for a house that will build value as much as possible.