Nevada State Symbols and Facts

Welcome to the Great State of Nevada! Many great cities, communities, and attractions draw people to visit and to live. The Las Vegas Valley is known throughout the world. However, many other cities provide great hospitality and culture.

The Silver State
Nevada known as "The Silver State" has a fabulous history. It is rich in culture and resources. Nevada, meaning "Snow Capped" in Spanish was named in 1861 when the territory was established. In 1851 Genoa and Dayton were settled by missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) and miners and traders. On October 31, 1864 Nevada became a state during the Civil War and the motto "All for our Country" was adopted.
More facts:

Nevada is comprised of 17
counties with Clark County containing a major portion of the State's population accounting for nearly 80% of the state's growth in recent years. With regards to state population, as of the beginning of 2004 Nevada was the fastest growing state in the nation.

Great Climate
Nevada is home to mountainous and desert terrain. Winter snow falls at higher elevations as lower elevations stay warm (hot) year round. Some parts of the state offer an average
310 days of sunlight which can be healthy for some. However, if you like your seasons and snow you can find that too. The risk of damaging storms (hurricanes, tornados, blizzards, etc.) is less due to the climate. In fact, many data centers are located in Southern Nevada because of assessed risk levels of adverse weather and earthquakes.

Hunting and Fishing
Some like to hunt. Restrictions on
hunting within the state serve to produce some of the best hunting one can find. Animals are allowed to mature and survive. Annual special drawings allow for a finite number of hunters so herds can remain strong. Fishing is also available to those who enjoy the sport. Many bodies of water are stocked to maintain successful fishing environments.

State Resources
Resources within the state abound. Silver and other precious metals are mined and marketed.

Tax Benefits
Because gambling is legalized and successful, property
taxes are low in comparison to the rest of the nation and there is no state income tax for most.

Government agencies within the state have traditionally supported growth and industry. Nevada has a strong sense of patriotism as it was founded during times of political decision.
Nevada is a patriotic state full of resources and great living environments. People from all over the world come to live.

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