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Many Las Vegas homes are found via the MLS system. Real estate agents use it to match sellers and buyers and many real estate buyers use it online to scan through potential properties. The Las Vegas MLS search tool is very helpful in finding a great property that fits a buyer's needs.

One thing to keep in mind while using online MLS searches is that real estate agents have access to a very powerful version of the MLS. They pay a good deal of money for it. Online web sites use a simplified version and can only show a small amount of the actual home information that's available. The GLVAR intentionally does not provide all of the data necessary to purchase a particular property because of the costs they incur to provide it. We hope you will use online searches to get an idea of what is available. Once you have an idea or if you find a property you think may work for you it's important to contact an agent because they will help you be sure the property is what you seek. Here are some tips to help you get started.
  1. Select Your Property Type - Choose the type of property you are interested in from the first set of options.
  2. Narrow Your Search - Using the criteria fields fill out as much detail as you can so the properties that are returned fit your desired result. Public GLVAR search tools typically only generate 50 results per search. The more narrow you make the search the better the properties will fit what you are looking for.
  3. Note MLS Numbers - Make note of the properties you like by jotting down the MLS numbers. That way regardless of how many other houses may fit the same criteria as that particular property you won't loose it in the shuffle.
  4. Select an Agent - A competent Las Vegas real estate agent will help you ask the right questions to narrow down your search. They will put you in the right property.
  5. Have Fun! - Once you have selected a property the escrow process can be a crazy time. The initial search for a property is the most enjoyable time during the adventure.
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The MLS is a powerful service. Use it's power to investigate the market you are looking in and then work with your agent to find the right property.