Las Vegas Gas Prices Nearing One Year Low

Las Vegas gasoline prices are approaching the lowest levels all year. National levels have dropped some affecting the local market. Gasoline prices seem to remain middle of the road between California and Utah. There is usually a $.20-.50 increase from Utah and the same market decrease from California.

Law makers and those interested in fuel consumption here in the valley recently aired a program suggesting that the 2 fuel lines, one for consumer vehicles and the other supplying the McCarran Airport, will be at capacity by 2010. They are activily pursuing a plan to provide more fuel to the valley so motorists and travelers won't be affected by higher prices or shortages.

These same decision makers responsible for the fuel lines have reported on the population growth in Las Vegas and anticipate 50% growth in the next decade. If the current population is around 1.8 million residents then 900,000 people will be added suggesting an average growth of 7,500 people per month between now and then giving us 2.7 million total residents.

There will be a strong demand for both fuel and housing.