North Las Vegas Transforming

According to the Las Vegas Sun, North Las Vegas has a transforming reputation.

"Not that many years ago, you could point to crime statistics, rundown neighborhoods, crumbling buildings and any number of other factors as evidence of how bad things were in North Las Vegas...nothing underscored that point more vividly than the fact that some in North Las Vegas proposed changing the town's name."

In recent years, however, great new communities have popped up and the areas north of Vegas are now recognized as areas of great home value. There is a mix of ages in housing and the demographics are as diverse as many other parts of town. The population has increased considerably in the past 2 decades. Enhanced transportation routes and master-planned communities are given credit for much of the change in view.

"Covering 82 square miles running from gritty neighborhoods along the Strip to posh suburbs lining the edge of the desert, North Las Vegas has seen its population quadruple since the early 1990s to more than 200,000. Thanks to the master-planned communities north of the Las Vegas Beltway, the city anticipates years of continued blossoming."

The new growth has seen an influx of income potential as well.

"Residents living in the older areas also tend to be considerably poorer. According to the 2005 Census, in the 89030 ZIP code, the area surrounding Las Vegas Boulevard North and City Hall, the median annual family income is $24,292, with a quarter of the residents earning less than $15,000 a year.

But drive a bit north to the 89031 ZIP code, where Buford lives, and the median income more than doubles to $57,721. And if you keep going north along Martin Luther King Boulevard into the 89084 ZIP code, the newest developments, the median annual income jumps to $67,819."

The mayor and other political figures are working diligently to change the perspective of the area. In upcoming events they will be speaking about the change.

The good news for residents is that their home values will likely be positively affected. As time erases a negative view of the area then there homes will rise in value to meet the values of others throughout the valley. They are now quite a bargain as the newer communities develop and build out. Over time they will become quite an investment.