Las Vegas Real Estate Clients

To a Las Vegas Realtor® not all clients are created equal. Clients have specific needs, wants, and goals. However, any good agent will be selective in who he/she works with just like highly qualified lawyers, doctors, etc. Working with one unqualified client can greatly affect the service the agent can render his other clients. The goal is to work with people who are truly motivated, who are qualified, and who will do their part to reach the goal of buying a home or selling a home.

Las Vegas real estate buyers and sellers come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. They are at all sorts of different stages in life and their property needs are unique to their situation. Quality agents will recognize when a client is worth spending valuable time with. They will not discriminate upon age, race, sex, family status, etc. However, if a client is not qualifiable they will set them up on a plan to become qualified and let them sort out their issues.

For example, imagine for a moment that you are well qualified financially and on a credit basis. You know what you want. You are prepared to get the job done. You seek out an agent. They are working with multiple other clients like most good agents do. You begin the process and your transaction is running smoothly. On your inspection your inspector finds a defect in the property. You need some advice and you need it in a timely manner because the clock is ticking on your due diligence period. You call your agent. He doesn't return your call for hours when you are accustomed to an immediate response. He gives you short answers and seems to not have time for you. Later, you find that he has a struggling client who needs help with everything, including getting qualified for a loan and who demands attention for every detail. It is not fair. You give up a lot for this type of a person.

Granted, every transaction has its road bumps (plan on three major bumps along the way). Even the most qualified client can find issues with a property or have difficulty with the other party involved in the transaction. It's times like these you want your agent to be available and able to step in. Once a solution is in place then the process moves right along.

Clients who are serious buyers, sellers, or investors truly appreciate a selective real estate agent. They benefit a great deal from an agent who does not waste time and who works with other people like them.

A great agent will qualify their buyers and sellers. They will screen out non-qualified clients and work with quality people. Are you a qualified buyer or seller? Do you deserve the best service? Do you fit one of the groups below? You may have special needs or wants and be very qualified to work with a great agent. Look below to see if you fit one of these groups. Then, contact us below and we will find out if we can help fill your needs.