Las Vegas Home Styles

Las Vegas home styles have changed over the decades. In fact, you can often tell the decade a home was built in by the construction methods used. Home styles today fit modern technology, client needs, and local codes.

Las Vegas Homes Through the Ages
Homes built in the 1950's and 1960's typically have asbestos tiles on the walls and composite shingles for roofing. There are many of them that are single story with an extended variety in layout and design. Some have brick or rock and some have a good deal of land with them. Many have swamp coolers. Many of these homes are being updated and have newer HVAC units, new roofs, new exteriors, etc.

Homes built in the 1970's and 1980's often have vinyl siding or asbestos tiles. They have shingle roofs and seem more current in their structure and design. Many are due for new roofs and siding.
Homes built in the 1990's to present frequently have stucco exteriors with tile roofs. They are current enough that they don't need many structural repairs but some of the HVAC units and appliances need replacing.

Las Vegas is a valley and was built from the center outward. Las Vegas home styles typically show their age the closer to downtown you get. Properties on the outskirts are often newer and have a more current feel.

Some of the newest homes sport an industrial design. Many of the new high rises (all built in this decade) have trendy new styles and construction.

Enjoy your Las Vegas home and its great styles and designs.