Exploring Lake Las Vegas, Nevada

Lake Las Vegas is one of the premier residential areas of Las Vegas. It is a literal oasis of lush lakeside living.

The project began in the 80's with the dream of developer Ronald F. Boeddeker. He saw a vision of a lake in the middle of the desert where people would live in luxury amongst an Italian/European feel. 20 years in the making, 4 golf courses, and 1000 home later it is truely a great place to live.

The project will have about 9000 total homes when it is complete and has about 5 more years of development. Home prices range from $300,000 on up. The properties also range in style, ownership type, and property type. Home buyers may own a condo, single family home, or one of several shared ownership options.

The casino resort is home to many attractions. Shops, concerts, and a gorgeous lake attract locals and visitors alike. Celebrities and upscale residents have chosen Lake Las Vegas as their home.

With a variation of style, price, and so much entertainment, owners find great value in their homes. Request the assistance of a Las Vegas real estate agent to view available properties and options.